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Data4WASH is an interactive online platform designed for open source use. Verified data generated from the GPS coordinates is curated onto the WASH map and used to make a case for driving investment into design and installation of proper WASH facilities like improved waste treatment plants and handwashing facilities .
The platform highlights areas in need of water improvement facilities while showcasing areas that have achieved improved wastewater treatment practices

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Every community deserves to be able to access clean,
safe and affordable drinking water, and water for
domestic purposes. However in low-income regions
and underdeveloped communities this is a dream.
Over 790 million people globally lacking access to
safe water while an estimated 1.8 billion people (25%
of the world’s population) are without access to
adequate sanitation.

The project aims to empower communities
around the world to raise their voices and hold
local leaders and governments accountable for
service delivery of basic amenities like safe
drinking water and sanitation facilities including
toilets and waste treatment facilities.

Data is an important tool in our daily lives. From social
media to analyzing growth trends and making
forecasts, data has become integral to helping us
make decisions. As we continue to interact with this
data, there is also an opportunity to leverage the
information around us for good. Data4WASH is
formed around the concept that Big Data can change
the way we view challenges and the ultimately how
we solve them.

You can make a difference by supporting us today.
With your help we can provide clean water and
sanitation to more communities in dire need around
the world. Every Donation Counts!

Let’s get started with us!
We are providing a global solution

Are you willing to become a contributor of the global water solution the donate now and help
all the needy people.

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