Transforming Lives through WASH Activities

We’re thrilled to share the latest updates from our “Lets’ Clean Up” project. At BLI Global, we believe that improving the cleanliness and environmental health of the community through collective efforts attracts a safe community for all and proper sanitation is a fundamental human, lets dive in and see how we are making a difference in Goma Misindye ward Mukono district.

Our project is centered in Goma farmers market, a vibrant community next to Goma division headquarters along seeta Namugongo highway. The 125 market vendors have been facing numerous challenges due to lack of proper sanitary facilities and poor garbage disposal. We knew we had to step in and help.

 MHM session to enable practicing good hygiene easy and convenient.

Our journey began 2 months ago when we conducted a comprehensive needs assessment. We engaged with community leaders, market vendors to understand the unique challenges they faced. It was clear that immediate action was needed to improve their sanitation.

Learning together for a healthier tomorrow. Knowledge is the key to lasting change.

Toilet cleaning detergents

Our first milestone was to provide toilet cleaning detergents for the public toilet in Goma market. We provided them with several detergents and disinfectants for the toilet and also provided capacity building on how the materials are to be used and maintained for proper cleanliness of the toilet facility. We emphasized the need for a collaborative contribution by every member in case the provided materials are used up such that they are able to find ways of replacing them as a collective. This ensures that clean, safe and hygienic toilets are accessible by every one without causing any urinary tract infections to the users. The smiles on the faces of the market vendors and embracing the initiative being that majority of the market vendors were women as they are more vulnerable and prone to infections due to the  use of dirty rather unclean washrooms.

Joyful moments! See happiness that better sanitation brings to these faces.

Sanitation facilities                                                               

Next on our agenda was providing a safe toilet waste bin where women and girls are able to dispose off their sanitary pads after use other than finding it had to wash up and changing the towel during menstruation. During menstruation women and girls face a lot of challenges on how to change and dispose off their pads in public places. During the needs assessment, women shared their challenges in this area as the washroom did not have a waste bin, soap for bathing as some could not turn up when in their menses for the fear of using unclean toilets, lack of soap and where to dispose. This gave us a way ahead on how to support them by providing these facilities to improve their participation in the community and also reduce stigmatization and promote good hygienic practices. We equipped the washroom with hand washing stations, soap, waste bins to further enhance sanitation. Market vendors attended the sessions on menstrual health hygiene and maintaining cleanliness hence empowering them with knowledge for a healthier future.

Hand washing saves lives, our new facilities will promote hygiene and dignity

Hygiene education.

Lastly, the health Inspector Goma division facilitated a session on sustaining these improvements. She provided informative feedback on hygiene practices, covering topics like proper food handling, waste management and proper hygiene in the market. We were proud to see the community actively embracing these teachings.

Building a healthier environment to promote proper WASH initiative.

Looking A head

Our work in Goma division is far from over. We’re committed to ongoing maintenance and community engagement to ensure the sustainability of these essential services. We’re also exploring opportunities for funds mobilization to further uplift the community.

Therefore we invite you to be part of our journey in creating lasting change. Whether it’s through volunteering, donations or spreading the word about our WASH initiatives, your support can help us reach even more communities in need.

Our committed volunteers Stella, Rebecca, Juliet and Flavia

Thank you for standing with us in our mission to bring proper sanitation and hygiene education to those who NEED it most. Together we’re building a brighter and healthier future for all!

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